Stump Grinding in Rotorua, Tokoroa, Taupo, Turangi & surrounding areas

Whether it’s a huge stump left over after cutting down a tree, a tree stump that’s been rotting in place for years, or a bunch of smaller tree stumps littering your lawn, our powerful stump grinders will make quick work of it.

We’ll grind the stump so that it’s below ground before filling the hole with the wood chips and soil. Left over wood chips (or tailings) can be used as mulch for your yard or we can remove it (an extra handling charge will usually apply).

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Stump Grinding / Removal

We specialise in grinding tree stumps of any size to leave your property looking great and ready for landscaping.

Depending on the size of the grinding project, we have two powerful stump grinders – which means we can tackle any sized stump.

We are able to access hard-to-reach sites and can go up stairs meaning stumps in raised gardens can be ground away.

The tailings or wood chips that remain after grinding will be used to fill the hole leaving your garden so tidy that within a couple of weeks, it will be almost impossible to see where the stump had been.

Why Remove Stumps?

There are three main reasons for removing tree stumps from your home or business property.

The first is mostly about aesthetics. Stumps left after tree felling can be unsightly and ruin the landscaping of your property.

Secondly, stumps left untouched can, in the case of some species, sprout and regrow. In a matter of months, you could have another tree removal project on your hands.

Finally, all stumps will, over time rot away. This will leave a hole in your lawn which can be unsightly or even a dangerous trip-hazard for people walking.

It makes sense to call in Central Stump Grinding Ltd

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Bamboo Root Removal

You may have spent hours removing your bamboo hedge but the job is only half done. Within weeks, the root system will have come to life and be sending out shoots. Another month or two and you will be back where you started.

The answer is Central Stump Grinding’s bamboo root mulching service.

Stump grinding is the most cost-effective method of dealing with bamboo roots and rhizomes. It’s also the most effective method for the complete removal of bamboo.

Why Remove Bamboo Roots?

Bamboo is easy to grow and an excellent plant to create an impenetrable hedge. It can also be extremely invasive and, because many varieties can send out runners, it can become difficult to control.

You can cut it down, but it regrows exceptionally quickly. Some people spend months, even years, working to remove a bamboo patch.

That’s why you need an effective solution for removing the bamboo roots. We specialise in bamboo root mulching to ensure the complete removal of bamboo from your place.

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Emergency Stump Grinding / Removal

Storm damage or a fallen tree stump causing a hazard? We offer emergency stump grinding services to keep your property safe.

We also provide quick and efficient tree stump removal services to public areas (such as parks and reserves) or businesses which may be open to the public (such as schools or rest homes).

Ensure everyone who enters your property is safe – give us a call.

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Stump Grinding Consultation

If you are unsure about the best approach for your stump removal challenge, we provide free consultations and quotes to assess your needs and provide tailored solutions.

Most people who contact us with a stump grinding challenge are surprised at how affordable our services are.

Others believe they may be stuck with their stump because of access challenges. We can work on almost any property with an access way of 760mm or greater.

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Say goodbye to those unsightly tree stumps and hello to a more beautiful, functional, and safer outdoor space. Contact us to schedule a consultation or request a free quote. We’re here to serve you, and we take pride in helping our customers unlock the full potential of their properties.

Commercial properties

Not only do you want your commercial property to look good, it needs to be safe. Stumps left behind after tree felling or after storm damage can be dangerous to staff and members of the public. We will remove the stump and the potential danger at the same time.

Rural Properties

Stumps left behind after the removal of hedges or shelterbelts can rob you of a significant amount of grassland. Give us a call and we will return that space to pasture in no time.